Annual General Meeting – 14th October

I just wanted to let you know that the date of the PA AGM has changed to Monday 14th October at 7.30pm. As you know, Caroline, Karen and myself are not standing for re-election, but as yet, no-one has shown any interest in taking over our roles. It would be a great shame for all our children if the PA did not continue, so please do have a serious think whether you could be part of the committee team and ask us if you would like further information about what it involves. To run the PA needs a named Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, but having been a small team of 3 this year, we feel that the PA would definitely work best with more people on board so that the workload can be shared out a bit more. If you are not keen to take on one of the named roles, perhaps you could volunteer to be part of a bigger group or to take responsibility for one area of the PA for eg the cinema nights or the cafes.

Have a think!

Best wishes

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